"To Advance and Protect the

Profession of Periodontics in Texas"

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It doesn’t take much. A contribution of $1000 per year is half an implant to most of us. Yet if all 300+ periodontists in Texas would commit to this level of participation, it would ensure support for ongoing representation in Austin. Every penny of your contribution has been and will be used for advocacy of periodontists and to pay for our accomplished lobbyist. None of it will ever be wasted, but all of it is needed.

Thanks to all who contributed!

- Mission Statement

Dr. Steve Britain Assumes TSP Presidency

At the last Texas Society of Periosdontists Meeting held January 26, 2019, Dr. Steve Britain was installed as President of the TSP.  Dr. Britain is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and is in private practice in Fort Worth, TX. Dr. Britain has been involved in organized dentistry and the TSP specifically for many years.  Dr. Britain  succeeds Dr. Scott Dowell, to whom the entire TSP membership owes a tremendous debt of gratitude for his leadership and selfless commitment to representing our specialty in Austin during a pivotal period of time for sedation in Texas. Dr. Britain has been an active supporter of the initiatives started under his predecessors  and has worked closely with our Board  to ensure a smooth transition.  The TSP continues to be in good hands with Dr. Britain's leadership over the next two years.

The TSP Recognizes All of Our 2017 Advocacy Donors

The TSP would like to recognize the following individuals who supported all of the TSP’s advocacy efforts during this most important year. We also especially thank the individuals outside of Texas (noted below) who also stepped up for us:

Member Recruitment Drive – Strength in Numbers!

With legislative activity affecting Texas Periodontists hitting high gear this year, the TSP needs each and every Texas Periodontist as a member to contribute to the collective efforts necessary to represent our practices and our patients. In the coming days, TSP membership renewal and membership recruitment letters will be going out to all Texas Periodontists. Only 100 or so out of 250+ periodontists in Texas are members of the TSP. Each and every one of us is needed to help represent us against other groups with much larger bankrolls. TSP Board members have to date spent collectively over 15 working days out of their practices on your behalf. All we are asking for is your support and your membership to continue to fight for you.

If you are already a TSP member, reach out to non-members in your community and educate them as to all that is transpiring right now that could significantly impact and alter their practices. 

Click here to renew or sign up as a member of the Texas Society of Periodontists. We need YOU.

The TSP Still Needs Your Help to #FinishTheFight 

Despite our efforts and positive inroads made throughout 2017, the TSP continues to work tirelessly to protect our patients and our scope of practice by continuing our work  with the TSBDE, its committees,  and with our Texas Legislators.  The TSP needs ongoing  support from our members in the form of contributions to the TSP over and above regular dues. Contributions may be made at the following levels: 

  • TSP Partners           ($100-$499)
  • Ambassadors Circle   ($500-$999)
  • President's Circle      ($1000+)

All members contributing to the TSP will receive special recognition on the TSP web site. Ambassadors Circle and President's Circle contributors will also receive a certificate  and special recognition at our next TSP meeting. Thank you for standing up for our patients and our practices. Contributions are being accepted now through our Membership page to help #FinishTheFight as the Legislative year begins. 

TSP Partners ($100-499)

Dr. Chris Bingham
Dr. David Dennison
Dr. Samuel Duncan
Dr. Richard Finlayson
Dr. Monica Flynn

Dr. Rick Heard
Dr. Fritz Hinze
Dr. Li-Ping Lin
Dr. Kenneth Lubritz
Dr. Michael Najera
Dr. Julie Swift (Kansas)
Dr. Beth Tomlin

Ambassadors Circle ($500-999)

Dr. Tony Dacy
Dr. Stephen Caldwell
Dr. Wade Clay
Dr. Amir Hosseini
Dr. Chu Kim
Dr. Pat Makins
Dr. Cora Marsaw
Dr. Chris Richardson (Virginia)
Dr. Kristi Soileau (Louisiana)
Dr. Matt Steffer
Dr. Eduardo Tanur
Dr. Kayleigh Temple
Dr. Stephen Watson
Dr. Tom Wilson

President's Circle ($1000+)

Dr. Houssam Alghadban
Dr. Stephen Bass
Dr. Scott Bedichek
Dr. Sara Bender
Dr. Steve Britain
Dr. Paul Chang
Dr. Brad Crump
Dr. Kurt Delius
Dr. Scott Dowell
Dr. Brent Gabriel
Dr. Frank Feuille
Dr. Ellen Hall
Dr. Dan Holtzclaw
Dr. Ken Krueger
Dr. Jennifer James
Dr. Nicole Litizzette
Dr. Eduardo Lorenzana
Dr. Teri Lovelace
Dr. Michael McGuire
Dr. Robert Lyn Machen
Dr. Lisa Masters
Dr. Brian Mealey
Dr. Shelby Nelson
Dr. Pat Nicosia
Dr. Charles Orth
Dr. Melanie Robinson
Dr. Robert Ramirez
Dr. Todd Scheyer
Dr. Ron Stukalin
Dr. Pedro Trejo
Dr. Michael Williamson
Dr. David Yu