"To Advance and Protect the

Texas Society of Periodontists, Established 1971

Advocacy for your practice and your profession.

  • Public and member advocacy.
  • To advance the scientific evidence and art of Periodontics.
  • To provide leadership in organized dentistry through ethics, education and membership.
  • To uphold the integrity of Periodontics in Texas.

News and Events

With legislative activity affecting Texas Periodontists hitting high gear this year, the TSP needs each and every Texas Periodontist as a member to contribute to the collective efforts necessary to represent our practices and our patients...

- Mission Statement

Profession of Periodontics in Texas"

Member Recruitment Drive – Strength in Numbers!

The next meeting of the Texas Society of Periodontists will be held immediately following the conclusion of the Southwest Society of Periodontists Scientific Session at 4:40 pm on Saturday, January 28, 2017. 

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Much has transpired since our meeting last January 2016 where the TSP Board and membership were made aware of possible changes to anesthesia rules and regulations, including the possibility of office inspections. At that meeting, the TSP formed its own Anesthesia ...

Important Upcoming Membership Meeting: Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why the TSP Matters to YOU

By Joining and supporting the TSP, you will help ensure that the needs of all periodontists and their patients will be protected. We need EVERY periodontist in the great State of Texas to join the TSP to show the Texas Periodontists speak with  One Voice for the good of our patients and our profession.

TSBDE Update – Anesthesia Proposals